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17 18 Seater Edinburgh Minibus Hire

The Joy Of Moving In A Large Group

The joy of moving in a large group to a sports function, wedding, party, or other events is the lovely bonding and harmony that comes with it. These minibuses are carefully tailored to peak this joy and making your journey unforgettable. The process of hiring this bus is easy; simply book in 12 hours to have the bus ready for your group. Every seat has ample space while the luggage compartment is large enough to accommodate all the passengers' effects.

The joy of moving in these minibuses comes from their models and interior design. Manufacturers of our 17 and 18 seater minibuses such as Nissan, Nisan Diesel, Ford, Hino and others have come up with modern suspensions, and bodies that make your travel smoother and comfortable. One client commented that he could not even notice the bumps in Edinburgh aboard the 18 seater minibus. For our 17 seater minibus hire Edinburgh and 18 seat minibus hire, comfort and enjoyment are not compromised; you can only expect things to get better.

Interior Bus Decor and Comfort Systems

The focus to create a scintillating environment has made minibus hire Edinburgh adopt special leather, clothing, tiled and shiny designs to light up every minute spent inside the minibuses. Our creative and engineering section is always at work looking for modern interior deco systems that will make clients get a kingly experience. The largely spaced and adjustable seats make client to relax in applause listening to the soothing music. Tell the driver to play your favourite blues, souls, or other tracks or tune to the favourite radio stations and the minibuses will become like true living rooms.

In addition, to the lovely interiors, these minibuses come with modern communication systems that allow those onboard to access internet on their smart phones, tablets, or even laptops. If you are travelling for corporate events, you will find these buses ideal because you can complete rehearsing presentations or doing additional research. Remember that this takes place in the carefully air-conditioned passengers' chamber. Reach us today to know more about other features in our minibuses that will make your travel unforgettable.

Design and Technology Used For the Bus

The design of 17 seater minibus hire Edinburgh and 18 seat minibus hire is a culmination of long research. Our research team works on design and shares them with international brands such as Nissan Diesel, and Ford among others to give clients the best vehicles. The engines of these vehicles are mainly located at the front and below the drivers' section. This makes it easier to haul the weight of passengers and their luggage. With this, it has become ideal for people with heavier luggage.

The driver compartment is secured to form a cubicle like section for optimal concentration. Besides, the powered steering and other controls are carefully placed for easier control by the driver. It is important to mention the high qualification and wide experience required for drivers of the buses. By hiring drivers who demonstrate high levels of integrity and commitment, clients are guaranteed of greater enjoyment during their travel.

Other technologies fitted in these minibuses include gps tracking that help to locate the vehicle and provide assistance in case of unexpected difficulties when away. The vehicles are fitted with OBD2 tools that help us to diagnose all the operational systems of the minibuses. In case the vehicle runs low on fuel, starts to overheat or other unexpected issues, we will note first and call you from office and inform you of the next step to take. We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving you the best.

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