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12 14 Seater Edinburgh Minibus Hire

The 12 seater minibus hire Edinburgh and 14 seat minibus hire are ideal for people travelling in sizeable groups because they are cheaper, secure, reliable, and designed for total comfort.

These minibuses have been designed to give smaller groups of travellers moving to special events such as weddings, parties, and corporate events great comfort and style. We at Edinburg minibus hire understand that modern travellers are not in anyway willing to compromise their sense of class and style even when they move in teams. This is what all our minibuses in the fleet are designed to deliver.

The Design of Vehicles in Our Fleet and its advantages

The 12 and 14 seater minibuses come with modern technology that allows them to maintain greater stability even when negotiating different ridges of Scotland. The low floor also enables the centre door to make the entire vehicle easier to access by passengers and even luggage movement. The body is carefully designed with the number of passengers in mind to allow for additional space for seats movement, passage, and luggage.

When clients go looking for minibuses hire to travel to special events, they are particularly interested in interior finishing. The finishing of the 12 and 14 minibuses is mainly leather and are also fitted with special lighting for greater enjoyment. All the company brands that supply our fleets such as Nissan Diesel, Hino Poncho, Mitsubishi Fuso Aero, and Orion also fit modern air conditioning to keep internal environment well controlled to the passengers' preference.

Additional Technologies for Controllability and Safety

The goal of our services is giving clients an unforgettable experience that will always make them keep coming back for more. All the minibuses are therefore fitted with special technologies that enable the management to track the vehicles and passengers to travel in greater safety. The minibuses come with electric windows, power steering, and gps tracking systems. In case of unexpected incidences such as engine malfunction or even logistical issues with authorities, the tracking system helps the company reach you faster to solve the problem and have you proceed with the journey. We will stop at nothing in delivering quality services.

For greater safety, the 12 and 14 seater minibuses come with highly sensitive safety devices. All the seats have strong seat belts that will switch into action in seconds to secure you from being thrown about in case of an abrupt stop. In addition, the vehicles are fitted with airbags at different sides which activate and fill to secure you in microseconds when an accident occurs inevitably.

Why You Should Go for the 12 Seater minibus hire Edinburgh and 14 seat minibus hire  

Many people preparing to travel in Edinburgh and entire Scotland are often worried on maximizing their enjoyment. The 12 and 14 seater minibuses come with drivers who are specially trained to give you the best. They have been on Scotland roads and will take you to your destination within the shortest time possible. To them, years of experience have yielded strong sense of touch and you can rest assured to enjoy every minute of your stay.

Our customer support remains open day and night to attend to you. Whether you are planning to hire a minibus or you are on the road travelling, we will always be waiting for your call or enquiry. Reach us to get the rates, towns we operate in, and even cost for different minibuses. We will also appreciate your feedback after you are through with your travel in order to make our services better.
Travel in our minibuses to get complete assurance of total comfort and assurance of higher money value.

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