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10 12 Seater Edinburgh Minibus Hire

The ten and twelve seater minibuses have been marked as the perfect choices for people moving in small groups from one location and even airports. If you have a family and want to go for a holiday, a corporate event to be attended by your entire staff, or a small ceremony and do not want to go for multiple taxis, the 10 Seater minibus hire Edinburgh and 12 seat minibus hire are the most ideal. At this point, it is important for you to imagine the total amount of money that you are going to save by foregoing a dozen taxis for single minibus.

The Design of the Buses

Many vehicles in our 10 seater and 12 seater fleet have been created from vans or chassis of light trucks. This is critical in allowing them to have a higher seating capacity. At the drivers section, the design is different in order to allow more people fit in it comfortably. Unlike in ordinary settings, the driver and two more passengers will comfortably fit in the front section. While the ultimate design takes the format of the original van, the grille and bonnet take the format of a school truck.

When it comes to the body and chassis, they are fitted to create more space for higher seating capacity, greater space, and larger luggage compartment. To give the driver greater concentration, his section is made to take a cubicle shape. This separates him from the passengers so that he can concentrate on the road and other functionalities of the vehicle. Such a serene environment is very critical for the driver to take clients to their destination as safely as possible.

Technology Additions and Stress Free Travel to Clients

The best minibuses to travel in are those that have been fitted with modern technology for both comfort and top most safety. All our 10 Seater minibus hire Edinburgh and 12 seat minibus hire come with special air conditioning systems that will keep the entire vehicle warm or cool depending on clients' preferences. This makes the minibuses ideal for travelling for holiday and major whether both in winter and summer.

Modern motoring success is largely pegged on new technology that helps vehicle owners to track them, check traffic in specific roads, and protect passenger aboard in case of accidents. All the buses in our fleet have modern gps, and mapping devices that make the management to track the routes they followed, mileage, and specific locations. The importance of this is to make it easy to help clients in case they get into unprecedented difficulties.

The seats are also fitted with highly responsive safety belts and airbags to protect you when accidents become inevitable. While the focus of the driver is navigating passengers as safely as possible, the safety devices added to our buses guarantees you additional security on the Scottish roads. In addition, the buses are fully covered with comprehensive insurance to address any loss that can result to you when travelling.

Minibuses Interiors Design

When you are travelling as a corporate team, you are interested in moving using a vehicle that creates almost the same environment similar to your boardroom. Our minibuses interior are either made of cloth or leather to create a special environment for your team. If some of those onboard want to complete refining their presentations, these two minibuses have ample space to work on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Your team will be highly energized similar to when seated on the boardroom.

The additional space further allows the seats to be leaned back and forth for additional comfort. Do not compromise the comfort and mood of your corporate team by travelling in different vehicle. Call us today to book and enjoy every minute of your travel.

Often 12 seat minibuses are the perfect choice for small groups going to and from location as well airports. For transfer services easily available to business groups or families, a minibus hire service is often the best choice instead of taking multiple taxis. Imagine the amount of money that can be saved. For the proper strategy with regard to transportation in various cities, state-of-the-art minibuses can help devise an effective plan. With GPS and the latest mapping devices, locations are easily found and as a result, the trip is stress-free, allowing the customer to focus on other things.

Many of the twelve-seater minibuses were created out of a van or a light truck chassis. This allows for a larger seating capacity than the more typical van conversion. Moreover, the driver's area is quite different, as the conversion allows for more space, a private area. Although this conversion may look like the original van, with regard to the bonnet and grille, but visually speaking it resembles that of a small school bus. As far as the body-on-chassis design, it gives more of a high seating capacity, which allows for more comfort and space because of the larger cabin. Again, the driver is placed in a cubicle area, allowing for better concentration and a separation from the passengers. Another perk to this configuration is that the driver can then require a fee as passengers enter onto the bus, instead of having to deal with it at the end of the trip.

For the best twelve-seater minibus hire service, the customer needs to know that safety is at the forefront of the company's ideology. The way to find out decent services is to go to heavily trafficked areas including airports and tourist areas, as many thriving businesses will oftentimes choose the best transportation services available. Another method is to search the internet, make phone calls, request quotes, etc. It's always wise to comparison shop, for most times it is possible to drive prices down, as long as the competition remains heavy.

A twelve-seater minibus is just about the perfect balance of size and comfort. Typically, newspapers, delicacies, and other perks are given to passengers to make the ride more enjoyable. Usually the models that encompass the body build version are the Ford Transit, the Freight Rover, and the Isuzu Elf. For businesses that need to travel in relatively large groups, a minibus hire service is ideal, especially for conventions that go on for longer then several days or so.

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